Frequently Asked Questions

Caring For Your Flowers & Plants

ALL our bouquets will arrive with flower food – Never accept flowers without this.

Changing water daily will not be enough to prolong their life! A floral preservative is a complex mixture of sucrose; acidifier, an inhibitor of microorganisms; and a respiratory inhibitor.

Commercial preservatives will increase the life of cut flowers and should always be used. (Adding aspirin, wine, or pennies (sterling coins no longer contain a good amount of copper) to cut flowers WILL NOT help to keep them fresh longer.

Sucrose serves as a source of energy to make up for the loss of the functioning leaves and insures continued development and longevity of the flower.

An acidifier makes the pH of the water more near the acid pH of the cell sap. Most water supplies are alkaline and can reduce the life of cut flowers. The acidifier also stabilizes the pigment and the color of the flower. This is why red roses turn “blue” when placed in water without a preservative or acidifier.

A microorganism growth inhibitor is perhaps the most important part of a floral preservative. Bacteria and fungi are everywhere and are ready to enter the cut surface of the stem and multiply. Prior to actual decay symptoms, cells of the water-transporting tissues can become blocked with microorganisms, inhibiting water uptake.

To aid the floral preservative in slowing down microorganisms, always clean the vase or container. Also remove all leaves below the water surface, as they soon deteriorate. Water and water uptake are major factors in keeping cut flowers fresh.

Keep your flowers out of direct sun and away from draughts.

Plant Care

All our plants have care information on the relevant order page. Generally though our plants are semi-shade and require watering of an egg-cup full per week. Over-watering tends to be the main factor in plants dying. Our plants will come with enough fertilizer in their soil to last a year. After this a general fertilizer such as Baby Bio would be suitable.

Online Ordering

Card Payments

You can pay for your online order using a credit or debit card. The payment will be processed by our Payment Service Provider Stripe. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and American Express.

Daisies Oxford Flowers Account Customers

If you wish to set-up or use your account to order please email or ring us with your order as you would normally but feel free to use the online shop to give you a guide as to what to order such as style or size. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

International Orders

To place an international order (for delivery outside of UK) please contact the shop on 00441865554882 with your card details and to discuss your requirements. Unfortunately due to the varying cost of bouquets and information required to place an international order we are at the moment unable to process international orders online.

Delivery & Collection From Our Shop

Our online shop offers deliveries to anywhere in the UK. Click here for map.

Orders within OX1 & OX2 postcode areas will be executed by us and delivered same day, if advised before 12.00pm. Delivery charge is £6.00. Deliveries will be made no later than 5.30pm although we will make every effort to deliver earlier, especially for business addresses.

Orders outside these postcodes will either be delivered using local florists. Whenever possible, we send our own freshest flowers. Please place your order by 12.00pm for next-day delivery. Delivery charge varies between £10.00 – £15.00.

Your can place your order as usual on our website for collection. At the Shipping Section you will have the option of delivery or collect. Collection can be made same-day between 9.00am to 5.30pm. Please note that the more notice we are given means we can insure that we have the correct flowers for you. Add a note to say which time you would like your order to be ready to collect.

Online Security

All customer details received over the telephone, via email or through our online shop are used only to fulfil the order or request that you have contacted us about. Your details are stored securely and are never passed onto third parties or other companies unless you request us to do so.

Daisies Oxford Flowers has taken every possible security precaution when designing our online store. The store is protected by a secure socket layer which encrypts all of the information you send us meaning that it is extremely difficult for anyone else to intercept. No payment data or sensitive information is ever transmitted via an unsecure method such as email. We take the responsibility of keeping our customers’ information secure very seriously. After we receive it, your details are kept only as a means of fulfilling the orders you place.

If you would prefer not to order through our online store, then we would be happy to take your order over the telephone. Please call us on
01865 554882 (9.00am – 5.30pm) and we’ll be happy to help.

Problems With Your Order

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order! With 30 years of experience, all our staff are fully trained in flower conditioning, we condition all our flowers and they have a full drink 24 hours before sale. However, we do know that issues can still occur, This can be down to natural problems, damages in transit or infection within the flower. If there is something you’re not happy with please contact us, quoting your reference number.

Please do not throw your flowers away as we will need to have them collected, have them analysed and in most cases send them back to our wholesaler as proof of an issue.

Unfortunately, should you not be happy with the flower or colour choice you have received, we are unable to resolve this as this due to personal taste and in many cases is the choice of the customer ordering the product and not ours.

Changes or Cancellations

Please contact us, quoting your reference number, as soon as possible after placing your order if you wish to make any changes. We may be able to accommodate changes if work has not begun or is still in progress on your flowers.

Unfortunately, we can only accept order cancellations if work has not yet started on your order. If you wish to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible quoting your customer reference number/name.